Sunday, November 16, 2008

Daddy's Home

Grandma & Grandpa Duran, Mrs. Mary & Mr. Jim, Mommy and I were waiting for Daddy to come home from work last Sunday. We all went out to the Queen Creek Olive Mill for lunch. It was so yummy!! I was very excited to see Daddy. (pictures courtesy of Grandma Duran)


Look at me...I'm so cute.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Schnepf Farms

I love Halloween! I watched as my the other girls played.
My first pumpkin.
Proud Daddy!
Kyla, Elli, & Mikaela watching the pig show.
Elli holding my hand.

The weekend before Halloween we went to Schneph Farms with my Godparents - Sarah & Adam, my God sisters - Mikaela & Elli. Along with my Aunt Kristin, Uncle Greg, Kyla, and Landyn.

Gabrielle's 1st Halloween

Happy Halloween! We went to Mrs. Jen & Mr. Derek's house for Halloween. I only stayed in my pumpkin costume for 5 minutes because it was to hot!! But don't I look cute!

Happy Birthday Papa!!

Landyn and Gabrielle playing on the dinning room table.
Great Grandma Sullivan, Aunt Darci, and Kyla.
Papa and Kyla blowing out Papa's candles.

Today is Papa McCulla's Birthday! Last night we had our family dinner to celebrate both Papa and Great Grandma Sullivan's Birthdays (GGS bday is on 11/13). What a great event. Grandma McCulla ordered Olive Garden and Cherry Pie, Chocolate Cake, and Ice Cream!! I played with my cousins: Caitlynn, Ashley, Kyla, and Landyn. All my mom's sisters were there, along with Grandma McCulla, Uncle Louie, maybe one day - Uncle Jay, Great Grandma McCulla. Daddy had to work the Cardinals Game - Go Cardinals! And Uncle Greg was home sick. Landyn and I played in the playpen together during dinner then when all the adults were done we got to play on the table!! It was a fun night.

Welcome to the Duran Family Blog!

Well we will see how this works. I'm not always the best at keeping things up-to-date, but I will try to post something once a month or at least when Gabrielle makes a monumental step. Keep checking in to see whats going on in our world.

Love & God Bless!